Photography by Joelson | Love and Espionage on Broadway - A Jared and Katlyn Love Story

Love and Espionage on Broadway - A Jared and Katlyn Love Story

September 14, 2015
LOVE AND ESPIONAGE ON BROADWAY - A Jared and Katlyn Love Story
Several weeks ago our phone rang at the studio. There was a man's voice on the other end of the line. He wanted to know if we were busy on Friday night. "Why?" I asked. "I am going to ask my girlfriend to marry me and I need to have it photographed," he told me. I love a good surprise. This was going to be a big one and we, unfortunately, were not available on the night in question. I was bummed. I thought we had missed an opportunity to witness a great photo love story. I was wrong.
A couple of weeks later the phone rang again and the man asked about the upcoming weekend. We hadn't missed the opportunity after all. Apparently he was having some difficulty making all the stars align which was our good fortune. This time we were available on the night in question. But now we needed more information. A meeting was set to go over the clandestine details. On the day of the meeting, we arrived at the Fargo Theater - the scene of the "crime" as it turned out - and met our operative, Jared, for the first time. He explained his plan to us. Since we always photograph as a team of three, we would be able to provide coverage from several locations in the area which was of huge importance to Jared. We discussed specifics, gave him some technical advice, and decided on a timeframe. The countdown began.
Several days later, we texted Jared to alert him that we were on our way to the Fargo Theater to take our positions and make all the necessary technical arrangements before their arrival. He texted back that he would let us know as soon as they left their house and were on their way. When we arrived at the theater, we found a small crowd had gathered and there were people with video cameras and large spotlights and other gear on scene. We thought "Wow! Jared is doing this one up right!" but soon discovered the hoopla was for another reason. It was 'Madd Frank Presents Madd Frank' night at the Fargo Theater!! A beeping in my pocket let me know a text had just arrived. It was Jared. "We are on our way!" it announced. Now we were concerned. We did not know if the crowds of people would cause problems viewing the proposal and thus prohibit our creating the kinds of pictures Jared hoped for. Normally the front of the Fargo Theater is a no parking zone but on this night, there were cars stopping so passengers who needed extra assistance could get out in front of the theater. We were becoming increasingly worried as time passed not knowing how it would all come together once Jared and Katlyn arrived.
Once again my phone beeped letting me know a text had been received. The text read "north side" and we knew they were close by. Thankfully, by that time nearly everyone had already entered the theater and the street was once again relatively clear in the designated proposal location. We saw the couple approach and we went to work. The images that follow tell the rest of their story.
We want to thank Jared and Katlyn (although she didn't know she was going to be a part of this photographic encounter!) for providing the opportunity for us to capture their romantic, and covert, love story moment. And yes, Jared, we did hold our breath when the ring fell to the ground! But we have one heckuva picture showing exactly when it happened! Very nice retrieve, sir!!!
Act 1 - Fargo Theatre.  The story begins.  Jared Toso and Katlyn Conzemius marriage proposal.
Crowd arriving for show at Fargo Theatre.
Toso-Proposal-0004-Toso-Proposal-0004- I swear this is what the other side of the marquee read.  No joke.
Toso-Proposal-0005-Toso-Proposal-0005- Our stars, Jared and Katlyn, arrive on set at the Fargo Theatre.
Toso-Proposal-0007-Toso-Proposal-0007- Jared begins his speech to an unsuspecting Katlyn.
Toso-Proposal-0017-Toso-Proposal-0017- Passersby, witnesses if you will, observing Jared and Katlyn in deep conversation at the Fargo Theatre.
Toso-Proposal-0021-Toso-Proposal-0021- The plot thickens.  He hasn't asked her yet.
Toso-Proposal-0024-Toso-Proposal-0024- A marriage proposal about to take place.
Toso-Proposal-0028-Toso-Proposal-0028- Ooops! the ring is on the loose!  What are the chances a ring would fall and land on its edge!
Toso-Proposal-0030-Toso-Proposal-0030- A quick retrieve and the ring is safely back in it's case.  Katlyn seems overjoyed.  This will be one of those moments they'll talk about years from now.
Toso-Proposal-0032-Toso-Proposal-0032- Popping the big question on the sidewalk in front of the Fargo Theatre.  Two unsuspecting witnesses arrive on scene.
Toso-Proposal-0036-Toso-Proposal-0036- She must have said Yes!  Jared placing the ring on Katlyn's finger at the Fargo Theatre.
Toso-Proposal-0047-Toso-Proposal-0047- Closeup of the ring being placed on Katlyn's finger by her fiance Jared.  This image created by photographer across the street from the Fargo Theatre.
Toso-Proposal-0049-Toso-Proposal-0049- Katlyn admiring the ring a smiling Jared just placed on her finger.  The news is beginning to sink in.
Toso-Proposal-0051-Toso-Proposal-0051- A beaming Katlyn smiles at her new fiance Jared in front of the Fargo Theatre. Toso-Proposal-0054-Toso-Proposal-0054-  Jared confessing to his new fiance that she is being photographed by three photographers cleverly concealed across the street.
Toso-Proposal-0069-Toso-Proposal-0069- Jared makes eye contact with one of the photographers across the street while Katlyn searches for them.  He must be thinking, "I really pulled this off!"
Toso-Proposal-0076-Toso-Proposal-0076- Jared points to one of three photographers capturing the images from across the street.
Toso-Proposal-0078-Toso-Proposal-0078- Katlyn spots one of the photographers who just successfully captured their marriage proposal.
Toso-Proposal-0090-Toso-Proposal-0090- Jared and Katlyn embrace in love after he proposed and she said yes!  
Toso-Proposal-0092-Toso-Proposal-0092- Sealed with a  kiss!
Toso-Proposal-0103-Toso-Proposal-0103- Jared about to introduce Katlyn to the Photography by Joelson team.
Toso-Proposal-0114-Toso-Proposal-0114- Katlyn admiring her ring.
Toso-Proposal-0119-Toso-Proposal-0119- A closeup of the symbol of love for Jared and Katlyn.  
Toso-Proposal-0120-Toso-Proposal-0120- The happy couple.  No more espionage.  We're all on the same side of the street.
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