Photography by Joelson | Applause!


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Your photos have been such a gift. We don’t know who is happier, us or our guests! The candids of our family and friends have been such a hit!!! We love your work so much!

~Kate and Jace Beehler


Sue, Michael, and Paul,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful pictures. I loved them all and I am trying to figure out how to place them in a photobook. Still need to do some printing and hanging them up too.
But we are so glad we had you three as our photographers. (Paul, we love our bar pictures.) (Michael, I love all the candid photos.) (Sue, the wedding pictures of my dress and my sister putting on my necklace are wonderful.)
Thank you so much!

~Andrew and Hatsumi Anderson


This is a dream team of photographers!  So down to earth, friendly, and they have some amazing skills!  I had the honor of having them at our wedding, and it was perfect!  They take away your nerves and stress, and you actually enjoy the normally long process of wedding pictures.  Lol!  By the end of your experience with them you feel as if you gained another set of uncles and an aunt!  Between the three of them they are able to capture so many precious moments that normally go unseen.  I'm so grateful that we were able to work with them on such an important day in our lives.  Hands down most professional, fun, and talented group I have ever met!  Thank you so much for making our day as wonderful as it was!

April Zimney


Mike, Sue and Paul,
Thank you so much for the amazing engagement and wedding photos.  We are more than pleased with all of your amazing work and can't wait to recommend you to all of our family and friends as more of them become engaged!  We don't think much convincing will be necessary as everyone loves all of the pictures already!  We are so glad we found you!  Thank you for capturing our perfect day!

~Terrell and Mandy Ayers


I received the CD today and I love the pictures. . . . I enjoyed your service and professionalism very much, you are so warm and friendly and I felt like you're family.
I look forward to working with you again, and I'll be sure to let you know if you can be of service in the future.  I believe the prints were attempted to be delivered today because I got a slip.  I'll let you know when I get them.

~Kind regards, Quetina


Again we can't express how pleased we are with how all of the photos turned out! The poses were perfect and you captured such beauty on our special day. Our guests commented on your wonderful work and how dedicated you were. They also loved how personable you all were. I always recommend you!

Mary and Josh Dahly


They did such an amazing job for our wedding!  I could not have been happier with the end results.  They are so much fun to work with that it made our day even more special!

Grace Nelson


The Joelson team is fabulous!  Because they take the time to get to know who they will be shooting, the end result is always fabulous!  They are creative, fun and go above and beyond!  You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Chris Hotten McDougall


Fun, great work, and reasonable!  It was a great day.  Super pleased with the senior pictures.

Suzi Kleindl


They are wonderful to work with.  Took amazing senior pictures of my daughter.  Will definitely use them again and again.

Sally Dullum


Mike, Sue, Paul,

Thank you SO much for being involved in our special engagement journey and wedding day.  We are so grateful for all that you have done for us - the pictures are stunning!

We will miss seeing you all on a regular basis.  Hope to see you soon!  Thank you so much!

Luke and Hilary Brodeur


Just checked out the pictures and they are AMAZING!!!!  You guys are the best photographers I have ever met!!!  You were so much fun and you guys are such a wonderful team!!  Alyssa had such a great time at the photo shoot and the pictures are the best I have ever seen.  You guys made her look awesome!!  We so appreciate all the work you guys put into the shoot.  It was an amazing experience . . . one she will never forget!!  I will highly recommend you guys to everyone I know.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  We appreciate everything you guys did for her.  We are really excited to see the CD.

Thanks so much again!!

Stephanie Zeien


I want to take this time to express my great appreciation for Sue, Mike, and Paul for everything they have done for our family. They have been capturing the greatest moments in our lives - from our engagement shoot, rehearsal, and wedding almost 8 years ago to watching our family grow with our two children. I wouldn't trust our photo shoots to anyone else! I will always be the first to recommend them to shoot whatever that important moment is for you. They have become an integral part of our family and do beautiful work. Thanks for everything.. Look forward to our next session!!!!

Shannon Kalash


Hi Sue and Mike!

Jedd and I were just reminiscing about our wedding and thinking of you two.  We went on your website to see if you two were still hard at work, and it certainly looks like it!  We are forever grateful for having found you and for having the opportunity to work with such talented and loving people for our wedding.  It's been almost 7 years, and our walls are still scattered with your photos :-)  We're in Seattle now; I'm finishing up medical school and Jedd is finishing a civil/environmental engineering program.  Who knows where we'll be next!?  We remember you both so fondly, and send lots of love and warm thoughts your way!   I hope this little message finds you healthy and enjoying the beautiful North Dakota sunshine!

All our best,

Sarah and Jedd Danielson


Mike, Sue and Paul,

Just as I expected with watching you throughout the day at my daughters wedding from beginning to end how professional, and every detail you pursued.

The pictures are great so many beautiful photos, that day is so busy for all involved you really do bring the wedding back to a speed that is much more enjoyable.

Thank you, all, for the wonderful work you do.

Mike "Esty" Estenson



I just want to let you know how much my son & I really enjoyed his session with all 3 of you….it definitely isn’t something my son was interested in doing (having a photoshoot of himself) but he was extremely pleased and you all 3 were a perfect fit for his personality.

I was completely in shock too when I saw your first outdoor location….I seriously was amazed that the very first location by the rusty/metal building you picked was one that I accidently found a few weeks ago that I have been trying to get Anthony to go with me to let me take some pictures at but he wasn’t interested in pictures then.  When I randomly spotted that location I drove right into the parking lot and even talked to a man working in the area to see if I could come in the evening to take pictures.  I believe in a “reason for everything” and I have been checking around to multiple photographers to find the right one and it was just by chance I heard about Joelson Photography in a conversation with a group of people…so we will definitely spread the word about our experience  as well.   I know my son’s “fake” picture smile..but I definitely could see the real smile he was having during the shoot…that says a lot about who was working with him.


Monica Heise


with you or else he would have been chomping at the bit to be done and complaining afterwards.  Instead he was smiling about the whole thing.  So thank you for making what can be a trying experience for boys, be good.

Kari Jo Lewis


Sue and Paul,

Thank you so much for braving the frigid weather with us today!  Its 3 hours later and I think we finally warmed up :)  You made having pictures taken feel relaxed and we had fun doing them!  We can't wait to see the photos.  Thanks again!  Stay warm :)

Jess & David Lindblom


Sue and Michael (and Paul),

We LOVE the pictures!! Thank you SO much. They truly captured the best day of our lives, and they are perfect in every way possible.

Thank you for being apart of our special day!!

Hilary and Luke Brodeur


Thank you so much for the very extra special care you took with Rachel when taking her senior pictures.  You went above and beyond my expectations of the day.  It was truly a blessing having you for her photographers.  I must say I became a bit misty-eyed a few times when you captured just the right expression.

Thank you again.  I will recommend you to anyone that is searching for a photographer for their very special occasion.

Rachel is so very anxious to see her proofs she can't stand it! :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Vicki Oberg


Dear Mike, Sue & Paul,

Thank you so much for the Christmas card!  As you can see we had a busy year too!  We are now the proud parents of Karina Jane . .!  We are still so pleased with our wedding pictures and I feel awful that I never told you how impressed we were with your skill.  You are all so talented and we feel fortunate to have had you as our photographers!  Now that we have a house (just moved in a few months ago) I will let you know what pictures we would like enlarged.  Hope all of you are doing well!  Many thanks!

Kayla, Mike and Karina Sustad


Hi Sue, Mike and Paul,

We were excited by the preview of pictures and can't (wait) to see the rest.  I especially wanted to let you know how excited Alyssa was for the sports photo with double images.  They both turned out fantastic and were everything she hoped for.  The time and patience  you showed Alyssa was remarkable.  She left the photo session with a smile ear to ear.  You all made her feel like a million bucks.  For that, and the great photos we are truly grateful.

Patti and Brad Stedman


Sue, Mike, and Paul,

Tyrel and I just wanted to extend a special thank you to all three of you for the exceptionally awesome job you did at shooting our wedding day photos.  They are beautiful!  You were so easy and pleasant to work with and you made the experience fun!  We also very much appreciate your eagerness to get to know not only Tyrel and I, but our families as well.  This means a lot to us and we definitely think it added to the quality of our wedding photos.  We got back from Hawaii late Tuesday night, and we're already missing it!  It was amazing!  Now it's back to reality, and studying for boards.  Once again, thank you for all of your hard work, we are definitely excited to see the rest of the pictures. . I'm sure they'll be well worth the wait!

Take care!

Tyrel and Janelle Thorson


I do not know if Janelle emailed you but the pictures are amazing.  You guys do an incredible job and I can gladly recommend you to anyone.  I am very happy with what I've seen and am thrilled I was lucky enough to find you guys.

Thank you again.  I love your photo's and love the story.

Tyrel Thorson


Joelson Photography:

Thank you for a remarkable job in capturing every moment of our amazing day.  You have left us with beautiful reminders of our day and for that we are truly grateful.

Love,  Joe & Nichole Krabbenhoft


Hi Mike, Sue, and Paul!

First of all, we just wanted to tell you how much we absolutely LOVE our wedding pictures! You really captured all of the little moments, details, and emotions that made our wedding special. We keep going through our pictures, and we are always so amazed at how beautiful they all are. I remember thinking a few times that day "wow, I hope they got a picture of that!" and you captured every single one of those moments and more. Now that the wedding is over, we are so happy that we have such beautiful pictures to preserve all of those special memories for us. Thank you so much for all of the work you did! We couldn't be happier with our pictures.

Second of all, it's taken us a long time to figure out which pictures we want to order because we love so many of them, but we've finally narrowed it down to a few favorites.

Thanks again for everything!

Anthony and Carlie Larson


Hello Sue and Mike,

Thank you and we had a wonderful time with you too!  We're so glad he stayed asleep as long as he did.  We LOVE the pictures, they brought tears to our eyes.  It is going to be so difficult to choose!  We love the work you do and feel lucky to have found you for our wedding and that now you're able to take pictures of our baby.  Your work is incredible!

Kayla and Jeremy



We received the DVD (slideshow album) today and we absolutely love it.  It brought tears to my eyes and so many wonderful memories of the day. . . I am so glad that you guys were able to capture those memories for us.  Thank you for everything. . .

Take care

Luke and Nicole England


Thank you for putting the time into making our wedding slideshow so perfect!  Your incredible talent truly was revealed!  It told the story of our wedding day and will be something very special we will always look back on! We loved it!  Hope all is well with you!  Thank you so much!

Ryan and Abigail Nastase


We've looked at the few photos you have up and love them!  We had a great time last night with you guys.  Thanks so much.  It really seems like you guys go the extra mile and we appreciate that.  Can't wait to see all the pics and definitely can't wait for the wedding!

P.S.  If Harley sees these photos, you'd be hired!  The bike looks amazing.

Allie and Brandon Hornseth


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how absolutely beyond pleased Ryan and I are with the wedding pictures. We spent all evening looking through them (and I spent the afternoon, and the evening, and this morning going through them ;).  The way you were able to capture so many personalities, situations, and moments is truly incredible. I knew you were going to do an amazing job with your pictures, but this surpassed my expectations. I couldn't be more happy!

Thank you so much! You are so talented!!!

Abby and Ryan Nastase


WOW!!  Tara's senior pics were AMAZING!!  It was really alot of fun to go through them. . . It's kinda interesting that with so many pictures to choose from that she/we kept going back to the same ones for some reason.  Thanks so much for working with us on this project.  Like I've told you before, we feel SO lucky to have stumbled onto your business . . . you are really providing that personal, artistic touch to important milestones in our life!!

PS  Carlie and Anthony's engagement pictures are breath-taking!!  Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

Jo Brekke


Wow, those pictures turned out amazing! Thanks for the preview. We can hardly wait to see the rest! We had a lot of fun on Saturday, too. We were so happy we were able to get our pictures early while the weather is still nice (and before I have to get my wisdom teeth out!). My sister is very excited about getting her portraits this week. She and my parents were all very impressed with your work when we showed them the previews online, and it was so nice that you could fit her into your schedule right away. Thanks for being so accommodating, we really appreciate it!

Carlie and Anthony Larson


Thank you so much for doing my senior pictures! They all turned out so beautifully, it was hard to pick 30! I have gotten so many compliments on how well they're done. I'm really impressed by how fast you did all of the editing for so many pictures! I can't believe how quickly i got my print in the mail! I loved working with you and hope to again in the near future. All of you were so nice and easy to relax around. I can tell I received far better service and pictures from you than I would with a different studio! Thanks again!!!

Sincerely, Tara Brekke


Here is the order from your super slow customer!  I'm so excited to get these and get them up in our home. Besides our honeymoon to Greece, I have no idea where the past year has gone!  I hope you are all doing well and have had a great past year as well.  Thanks again for everything.  They are the perfect pictures to last a lifetime!

Rebekah Deeds


Eric and I want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your hard work you put into our wedding.  We were so impressed with you throughout the whole weekend.  We have enjoyed getting to know all of you over the past few months and can't wait to see all of the pictures you took.  Everyone at our wedding was so impressed with your work and enjoyed getting to know you as well.  You three and our soloist are what we are getting the most compliments on.  We are so looking forward to seeing your work and love what we have seen online so far.  Thank you for taking on our huge list of formals and working so hard to capture our day.  We can't wait to relive our day through pictures - nose picking kids, crazy families, and wild dance floor.  Thanks so much for everything you did.

Eric and Beth Strobl


Yeah!!!  We received our pictures today, and I AM SO EXCITED!! :)  They are sooo great.  Love them!  I'm sure I'll have questions later on about ordering and all that fun stuff, but I just wanted to quick send you an email to let you know we received them.  Thanks again!  Talk to you soon!



My sister's wedding was yesterday and everyone told me to jump on the opportunity to book you for my own wedding.  So I would like to know if you are available for my date, if I can get a price list, and everyone at the Avalon was very impressed and I was wondering if I could have a few business cards to have there.  Thanks! 

Hollie Krogh


I cannot believe it's been two years since you did our wedding for us.  I just want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job and creating wonderful memories that we can look at for the rest of our lives.   Thanks so much

Carrie and Eric Gill


. . . we looked through the pictures for the millionth time . . .again we love LOVE the pictures and everyone we know couldn't believe how wonderful you all did so we want to again thank you for an amazing job.  Thanks so much! 

Cheryl and Tyler Bormann


We just wanted to send a quick thank you for such a fun time during our engagement session!  We are so excited to work with you again at our wedding!  We absolutely love the (engagement) pictures on your website and are looking forward to seeing the rest! (They made my dad cry, by the way, so good job!)  Thanks a million!

Meghan and Derek Bangs


Thank you both for all you have done for us for the wedding - we deeply appreciate everything and think  you did a beautiful job!  Thank you.

Shannon and Curtis Kalash


We absolutely love our pictures!  Thank you for the beautiful job in capturing our wedding moments.

Stef and Ryan Meyer


I just wanted to send you a quick email.  I think our wedding went perfect.  . . . weather was perfect, the day was just beautiful.  I do have to say that I have been told from so many people that "Those photographers are awesome."...



The wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!  We have gotten so many comments on them already!  Thanks!!

Amanda O'Neil


Our engagement CD arrived on Saturday. I can't tell you enough how pleased we are of their outcome!  . . .thank you for doing such an awesome job! Our wedding pictures are in good hands!

Ondrea and Tom Cook


Thank you so much again for such a fun afternoon of (engagement) picture taking.  Andrew and I both agreed that we were very comfortable and it definitely felt like we were just hanging out with friends, taking some pictures.  Thank you also for taking the amount of time that you did with us.  I know that that was a large chunk of your afternoon, and it is so amazing how much care you put into your pictures and customer service.  Andrew and I are so excited!  Well take care and we'll talk to you soon.

Sincerely, Terryl and Andrew Johnson


I tried the DVD in a couple of different places and it worked all over.  I absolutely love it and everyone we've shown is VERY impressed. You will definitely be our first contact for any photography we'll need in the future.  Thanks again for everything you did.  You truly have captured our special day in a most memorable way.

Emily and Matt Finney


Just to keep you up to date, we've heard many wonderful things about the photos online and my Mom and Dad loved the slideshow.  My Mom even said it's better than an album. . .

Clayton Hilmert


Thank you so much for doing the photography at our wedding.  I am still blown away with all that you did for us.  . . . I will definitely refer couples your way. Thanks again.

Carrie and Eric Gill


You are both so great.  We love the photographs.  Everyone commented how wonderful you were at the wedding.



I have to tell you that I am blown away with how great the pictures are.  They are WONDERFUL!  . . . I honestly think you guys captured more of the personality too.  AND I don't even really remember you guys taking pictures, which is great.  Only because if I know it's being taken, I freeze up.  So I wanted to drop you a note and thank you so very much.  And if you need any references . . . feel free to use me!!

Kim and Chris Olson


We wanted to thank you so much for your kind hospitality and nice visit we had with you guys.  It was great to meet you too, we enjoyed it as well!  We did have a safe trip home and enjoyed our doggie bag!  Thank you for showing us a sneak preview of the photo we took.  We look forward to meeting you guys again and look forward to June 23rd!!  We are very happy we chose you to do our photography, you take beautiful pictures.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Christy & Jared Hansen