Baby Aayla

July 21, 2016

Have just had the extreme pleasure of creating newborn photos of little Miss Aayla. She is cuter than should be allowed! Full disclosure, we have known her family for many, many years. We may be just a tad prejudiced. Notwithstanding our less than impartial position, we were extremely honored to have the opportunity to photograph this little peanut. She was quite the trooper through the entire session. She even cooperated with several happy faces!! Here are a few of our favorites.

Davis-Aayla-Feather-BedDavis-Aayla-Feather-Bed Davis-Aayla-RosesDavis-Aayla-Roses Davis-Aayla-PinkieDavis-Aayla-Pinkie Davis-Aayla-Sepia-FeathersDavis-Aayla-Sepia-Feathers Davis-Aayla-Happy-BabyDavis-Aayla-Happy-Baby Davis-Aayla-AidenDavis-Aayla-Aiden