Faster than a speeding bullet! Stronger than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Point is, we'll do whatever it takes to get the picture. We are - - - - - Photography by Joelson.

Now that we have your attention, we are thrilled to announce our brand-spanking-new customer Image Proofing Site, Guestbook, and Blog. The best part is being able to let everyone know about the wide variety of services we offer. We love wedding photography but we want you to know that's not all we do! Maybe you have already checked out our website portrait photo galleries. We are so very excited to announce our new portrait client proofing pages. Starting this year, we will be posting your portrait images on-line, in a private gallery, so you can share them with family and friends. This gives them an opportunity not just to view them, but they can have prints for their very own. I can already hear Grandma's everywhere getting all excited to see the first images of their new grandbabies!! Very soon we'll be posting some of our recent baby photo shoots as a teaser.

We've had a lot of fun putting everything together for you on this extension of our website and we hope you'll enjoy the experience! Onward!!


December 04, 2016

Seasons greetings from the elf team at Photography by Joelson! 2016 was another memorable year for us photographing engagements and weddings, high school senior portraits, sports team portraits, family portraits, and baby portraits. The best part of what we do is collaborating with old friends and new friends to make your session unique. Thank you for honoring us with your patronage and your friendship.

We look forward to an exciting 2017. We wish all the best to all of you for a happy, healthy, and adventure filled new year!

Elfies and Cameras FBPhotography by Joelson Xmas 2016

Kylie and Chris

August 20, 2016

Summer is quickly coming to an end. School starts very soon. But wedding season is in mid-stride. We have had a busy wedding season this year. Kylie and Chris' wedding celebration at Thumper Pond enjoyed picture perfect weather which made us realize we haven't shared any wedding images for a while. Their outdoor ceremony seems like a good place to start to share a few of our favorite wedding images from this summer. Come back again and check out our page for more wedding coverage to be shared in the future.
Congratulations Kylie and Chris and thank you for choosing Photography by Joelson to document your celebration!

Olson-Wedding-Web-0001-Olson-Wedding-Web-0001- Olson-Wedding-Web-0002-Olson-Wedding-Web-0002- Olson-Wedding-Web-0003-Olson-Wedding-Web-0003- Olson-Wedding-Web-0004-Olson-Wedding-Web-0004- Olson-Wedding-Web-0005-Olson-Wedding-Web-0005- Olson-Wedding-Web-12Olson-Wedding-Web-12 Olson-Wedding-Web-0006-Olson-Wedding-Web-0006- Olson-Wedding-Web-13-Olson-Wedding-Web-13- Olson-Wedding-Web-0007-Olson-Wedding-Web-0007- Olson-Wedding-Web-14-Olson-Wedding-Web-14- Olson-Wedding-Web-0008-Olson-Wedding-Web-0008- Olson-Wedding-Web-15-Olson-Wedding-Web-15- Olson-Wedding-Web-0009-Olson-Wedding-Web-0009- Olson-Wedding-Web-0010-Olson-Wedding-Web-0010- Olson-Wedding-Web-0011-Olson-Wedding-Web-0011-

Baby Aayla

July 21, 2016

Have just had the extreme pleasure of creating newborn photos of little Miss Aayla. She is cuter than should be allowed! Full disclosure, we have known her family for many, many years. We may be just a tad prejudiced. Notwithstanding our less than impartial position, we were extremely honored to have the opportunity to photograph this little peanut. She was quite the trooper through the entire session. She even cooperated with several happy faces!! Here are a few of our favorites.

Davis-Aayla-Feather-BedDavis-Aayla-Feather-Bed Davis-Aayla-RosesDavis-Aayla-Roses Davis-Aayla-PinkieDavis-Aayla-Pinkie Davis-Aayla-Sepia-FeathersDavis-Aayla-Sepia-Feathers Davis-Aayla-Happy-BabyDavis-Aayla-Happy-Baby Davis-Aayla-AidenDavis-Aayla-Aiden

Photography by Joelson - A Team Approach

July 09, 2016

I just read an article about local photographers that recently appeared in the Fargo Forum.  I must admit the headline caught my eye.  I thought, perhaps, it might be a recitation of some unexpected, delightful, and amazing things that could happen during a wedding event that photographers are often privy to.  In a single day, we (photographers) witness more joy, excitement, anxiety, surprise, happiness, melancholy, stress, satisfaction, disappointment, celebration, and other emotions too hard to identify than in any other job I can think of.  Reunions of family members can sometimes cause more than good times.  (We all have those sandpaper people in our lives who always seem to rub folks the wrong way.  Someday, we might just write that book about our adventures, like we have threatened to do for years.)

But that was not what this article was about.  Instead, it described a sense of frustration and even some defeat in attempting to please customers on a day that is emotionally highly charged for all involved.  For sure, as the article pointed out, a photographer’s job is not an easy and glamorous one.  Cell phones, tablets, and even affordable SLR’s are everywhere.   An occasional WOW photo can be achieved even in the hands of someone who is only capable of pushing a button.  But, as a wedding photographer, your job is not to capture just one or two GOOD images.  Rather it is to document the most important event in the lives of two people.   That requires attention to detail, technical expertise, quick thinking, and built-in radar.

And then there are selfies.  Some people are addicted to images captured digitally, whether it is a photo of their own face or the meal they have just been served in their favorite restaurant.  I mean, dinner, really?!? 

But all of that aside, I felt badly for the photographers who had made the valiant attempt to follow their creative passion and came away with so little satisfaction from their efforts or worse, have made the difficult decision to transition out of the profession.  Because photography, I believe, really is a calling.  It can take years, let me repeat that, years, to understand the technical aspects of lighting and composition and photographic gear depending on your comprehension and learning style.  Now, place yourself in a situation where there are 150 to 250 kindergarten kids, all wanting to go outside to play, or who are hungry and/or crying, or they are tired or they just don’t feel well – dress them up in fancy clothes, and tell them to sit still and smile while you set up lighting or find the best camera angle or adjust their clothing or try TO GET ALL OF THEM TO LOOK AT YOU ONE LAST TIME PLEASE, and pray to the heavens that there might be one image where all of them actually have their eyes open and they look somewhat happy!  STRESS personified! 

Of course, that is a gross exaggeration.  But you get the idea.  A photographer’s job is hard work.  But it is highly rewarding.  You must manage your expectations to be an effective photographer.  And you MUST like people!

At Photography by Joelson, we have discovered one way to “share the stress”.  With three photographers, we “team shoot” which means we share the burden of capturing everything that is happening at an event.  That also allows us to be more efficient and it results in a variety of images that can frustrate a sole photographer.  I realize our approach is somewhat unique, but it works for us.  And it seems to work well. 

The description by one of the photographers of a mother who contacted her months after the wedding to complain about the images her daughter received is a nightmare scenario, to be sure.  We can relate to the need for reassurance and praise that the job done was appreciated.  That is what we live for.  That is why we still do what we do.  We are fortunate to honestly say that we have not received any negative feedback from our clients in the 12 years we have been photographing weddings.  We are proud to share some of the wonderful, unsolicited feedback we have received.  Here are a few examples: 

“This is a dream team of photographers!  So down to earth, friendly, and they have some amazing skills!  I had the honor of having them at our wedding, and it was perfect!  They take away your nerves and stress, and you actually enjoy the normally long process of wedding pictures.  Lol!  By the end of your experience with them you feel as if you gained another set of uncles and an aunt!  Between the three of them they are able to capture so many precious moments that normally go unseen.  I'm so grateful that we were able to work with them on such an important day in our lives.  Hands down most professional, fun, and talented group I have ever met!  Thank you so much for making our day as wonderful as it was!

April Zimney”


“Again we can't express how pleased we are with how all of the photos turned out! The poses were perfect and you captured such beauty on our special day. Our guests commented on your wonderful work and how dedicated you were. They also loved how personable you all were. I always recommend you!

Mary and Josh Dahly”


Mike, Sue and Paul,

Just as I expected with watching you throughout the day at my daughters wedding from beginning to end how professional, and every detail you pursued.

The pictures are great so many beautiful photos, that day is so busy for all involved you really do bring the wedding back to a speed that is much more enjoyable.

Thank you, all, for the wonderful work you do.

~ Mike "Esty"

We invite you to browse through another 50 comments on our website (you can view them by clicking on Applause!  at the top of this page).  They provide a glimpse into the relationships we have built with our couples, parents, students, and families and explains this is why we do what we do.

The most troubling kernel of information I gleaned from the article in the Forum was the closing where there was a list of “thou shalts and thou shalt nots” for guests at a wedding.  In our experience, expecting compliance from others, whether through attitude or your words, can lead only to bad things happening.  As in any human interaction, people do not respond well to being told what to do or to being ordered about or being talked down to.  In our experience in shooting over 200 weddings, blending in with friends and family and keeping a cool head and a smile on your face goes much further than shouting orders or carrying a big stick.  Being a professional means working with all of the drawbacks and drama presented to you and still successfully completing your job – without any expectations that it will be or should be any different. 

All three of us would likely agree, ours is the best job in the world with the most variety and least amount of boredom.  That it is the most exhausting, exhilarating, and heart pounding without have to risk our lives in a car hurtling 200 mph around a racetrack or walking a tightrope between two high-rise buildings.  Come to think of it, that is exactly what it feels like!  BRING IT ON!


June 02, 2016

ATTENTION 2017 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS!  The 2017 Senior Photography season is right around the corner.


The trick will be to BOOK EARLY. As an added incentive, photography sessions completed in June or July will be DISCOUNTED 10%!

With a two step process, your senior photography experience is very personalized.

FIRST STEP IS A PRE-MEETING where we meet to discuss your ideas and get to know each other.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOELSON DOESN’T WORK BY THE HOUR. You will have our attention for as long as needed to create the images you are looking for.

SCHEDULE YOUR PRE-MEETING NOW.  You will have your choice of the best selection of dates for your photography session. (Remember June and July photography sessions receive a 10% discount!)

Moms and Dads – don’t procrastinate! Dates fill quickly!

Thank you to all our 2016 seniors. We had so much fun getting to know each of you and we appreciate the opportunity to photograph your important senior portraits.

Please browse the images below. You may recognize somebody! For more images visit, click on Senior Gals and Senior Guys.


Zeien Alyssa Sr Portraits 0141-Zeien Alyssa Sr Portraits 0141-

Zeien Alyssa Sr Portraits 0090-Zeien Alyssa Sr Portraits 0090-

Kuntz Kaitlyn Sr Portraits 0076-Kuntz Kaitlyn Sr Portraits 0076-

Kuntz Kaitlyn Sr Portraits 0158-Kuntz Kaitlyn Sr Portraits 0158-

Anderson Teagan Sr Portraits 0044-Anderson Teagan Sr Portraits 0044-

Anderson Teagan Sr Portraits 0165-Anderson Teagan Sr Portraits 0165-

Boerger Heather Sr Portraits 0220-Boerger Heather Sr Portraits 0220-

Boerger Heather Sr Portraits 0184-Boerger Heather Sr Portraits 0184-

Glanville Michael Sr Portraits 0075-Glanville Michael Sr Portraits 0075-

Glanville Michael Sr Portraits 0056-Glanville Michael Sr Portraits 0056-

King Connor Sr Portraits 0128-King Connor Sr Portraits 0128- King Connor Sr Portraits 0084-King Connor Sr Portraits 0084-

DC Allison Sr Portraits 0002-DC Allison Sr Portraits 0002- DC Allison Sr Portraits 0205-DC Allison Sr Portraits 0205- Lawrence Nicholas 0149-Lawrence Nicholas 0149- Lawrence Nicholas 0200-Lawrence Nicholas 0200- Benson Bennett Sr Portraits 0117-Benson Bennett Sr Portraits 0117- Benson Bennett Sr Portraits 0021-Benson Bennett Sr Portraits 0021- Krueger Lizzie Sr Portraits 0095-Krueger Lizzie Sr Portraits 0095- Krueger Lizzie Sr Portraits 0067-Krueger Lizzie Sr Portraits 0067-

Durow Alex Sr Portraits 0061-Durow Alex Sr Portraits 0061- Durow Alex Sr Portraits 0178-Durow Alex Sr Portraits 0178- Erickson Elizabeth LeavesErickson Elizabeth Leaves Erickson Elizabeth DeaconsErickson Elizabeth Deacons Swenson Griffin Sr Portraits 0024-Swenson Griffin Sr Portraits 0024- Swenson Griffin Sr Portraits 0146-Swenson Griffin Sr Portraits 0146- Hoffner Bailey Sr Portraits 0128-Hoffner Bailey Sr Portraits 0128- Hoffner Bailey Sr Portraits 0053-Hoffner Bailey Sr Portraits 0053- Johnson AJ Sr Portraits 0101-Johnson AJ Sr Portraits 0101- Johnson AJ Sr Portraits 0027-Johnson AJ Sr Portraits 0027- Siewert Claire Sr Portraits 0142-Siewert Claire Sr Portraits 0142- Siewert Claire Sr Portraits 0053-Siewert Claire Sr Portraits 0053- Weible Alex Sr Portraits 0041-Weible Alex Sr Portraits 0041- Weible Alex Sr Portraits 0087-Weible Alex Sr Portraits 0087- Smith Anna Sr Portraits 0053-Smith Anna Sr Portraits 0053- Smith Anna Sr Portraits 0097-Smith Anna Sr Portraits 0097- Fritz Tyler Sr Portraits 0099-Fritz Tyler Sr Portraits 0099- Fritz Tyler Sr Portraits 0131-Fritz Tyler Sr Portraits 0131- Evenson Tyler Sr Portraits 0030-Evenson Tyler Sr Portraits 0030- Evenson Tyler Sr Portraits 0001-Evenson Tyler Sr Portraits 0001- Grommesh Peighton Sr Portraits 0095-Grommesh Peighton Sr Portraits 0095- Grommesh Peighton Sr Portraits 0015-Grommesh Peighton Sr Portraits 0015- Everest Garret Composite 0003-Everest Garret Composite 0003- Everest Garret Sr Portraits 0107-Everest Garret Sr Portraits 0107- Soderholm Jay Sr Portraits 0140-Soderholm Jay Sr Portraits 0140- Soderholm Jay Sr Portraits 0090-Soderholm Jay Sr Portraits 0090- Thomsen Aspyn Sr Portraits 0064-Thomsen Aspyn Sr Portraits 0064- Thomsen Aspyn Sr Portraits 0013-Thomsen Aspyn Sr Portraits 0013- Wohler Hans Sr Portraits 0037-Wohler Hans Sr Portraits 0037- Wohler Hans Sr Portraits 0122-Wohler Hans Sr Portraits 0122- Harford Abby Plains ArtHarford Abby Plains Art Harford Abby Sr Portraits 0144-Harford Abby Sr Portraits 0144- Franek Jacob Sr Portraits 0056-Franek Jacob Sr Portraits 0056- Franek Jacob Sr Portraits 0042-Franek Jacob Sr Portraits 0042- Faircloth Jordon Sr Portraits 0051-Faircloth Jordon Sr Portraits 0051- Faircloth Jordon Sr Portraits 0104-Faircloth Jordon Sr Portraits 0104- Morgan Heley Sr Portraits 0131-Morgan Heley Sr Portraits 0131- Morgan Heley Sr Portraits 0038-XMorgan Heley Sr Portraits 0038-X Stedman Dustin Composite 59Stedman Dustin Composite 59 Stedman Dustin Sr Portraits 0027-Stedman Dustin Sr Portraits 0027- Robertson Lisa Sr Port 0110-Robertson Lisa Sr Port 0110- Robertson Lisa Sr Port Comp 0001-Robertson Lisa Sr Port Comp 0001- Jackson Sonny Sr Portraits 0038-Jackson Sonny Sr Portraits 0038- Jackson Sonny Sr Portraits 0056-Jackson Sonny Sr Portraits 0056- Schmeets Andrew Sr Portraits 0043-Schmeets Andrew Sr Portraits 0043- Schmeets Andrew Sr Portraits 0123-Schmeets Andrew Sr Portraits 0123- Johnson Kendra Sr Portraits 0009-Johnson Kendra Sr Portraits 0009- Johnson Kendra Sr Portraits 0176-Johnson Kendra Sr Portraits 0176- Schmidt Tyler Sr Portraits 0115-Schmidt Tyler Sr Portraits 0115- Schmidt Tyler Sr Portraits 0058-Schmidt Tyler Sr Portraits 0058- Johnson Taylor Sr Portraits 0099-Johnson Taylor Sr Portraits 0099- Johnson Taylor Sr Portraits 0066-Johnson Taylor Sr Portraits 0066- Nubson Cole Sr Portraits 0026-Nubson Cole Sr Portraits 0026- Nubson Cole Sr Portraits 0118-Nubson Cole Sr Portraits 0118-


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